Mountainbike to the Dam


We begin the circuit at the intersection of Route 14 and Ramón Cortes street of the place Bajo el Molino to head east for about 600 meters where we will continue in a southerly direction until we reach the lake formed by the endication of the waters. This site offers us the possibility of marveling at a landscape that combines the peacefulness of the lake together with the imposing high peaks. You can appreciate the typical fauna of the place where the birds say present and accompany with its flight this unique moment. After this moment of contemplation we will continue the circuit towards the waterfront of the Los Sauces river to observe its calm and crystalline waters. The circuit will take us to the wide sandy beaches of the same river where we will take a moment to enjoy the surroundings and share an energetic snack revitalizer. The circuit proposes us to continue along the river until we reach the Los Nonos waterfront from where you can see the two mythical hills that give the town its name. The path continues towards the meeting of the union of the two main rivers of the town. There we deviate to search for a new river called Rio Chico and to cross it along its shore. The circuit is ending and the return will take us again through the streets of this charming place. A place to discover between rivers, hills, lake and mountains.